The opportunity

In Scotland business customers can select their preferred licensed provider, much like the electricity and gas markets. There is no risk to your supply; as we say at Aimera, it's the same water at a better price just with great service.

Easing the pressure

We know the pressure is on to save costs, minimise waste and find reliable providers. You can trust Aimera to keep you up to date with the best prices and levels of service. This is the Aimera guarantee in the competitive water and waste supply market across Scotland.

We want to provide simply a better service across Scotland that brings a new level of supply, raising the standards that you the customer should expect whilst saving your business money.

How we achieve this

Aimera achieve this by listening to your needs and growing with you, never forgetting that you are the customer.

Placing value, customer service and efficiency as our priorities.

Operating in a simple no nonsense manner with no surprises or gimmicks.