Who are Aimera?

A truly independent company that remains the largest independent Licence Provider in Scotland. This has been achieved through the ability to recognise the benefits of competition. We only serve customers.

What is the story to date?

Since April 2008 the Aimera story has been rooted in innovation that strives to provide customers with a real choice and value for money. From a humble start of 6 customers in our first month of trading we have expanded to become a driving factor in the emerging competitive water supply market.

Many other innovative inventions and discoveries have their source in Scotland and competitive water markets are no exception. In our rapid and measured expansion; driven by customer feedback and innovative systems, Aimera are the fastest growing licensed provider in the UK. We have done this for 3 successive years and have continued this growth at a rate that we are determined will have no detrimental affect on levels of customer satisfaction and value for money.

Where are we going?

As well as our continued expansion in Scotland, we already have operations in the rest of the UK, which support our Scottish based customers and are ready to meet the demand that awaits in the rest of the UK as the vision that the Water Industry Commission for Scotland so energetically implemented takes place in England.

However at this stage it is unlikely that we will enter the competitive market in England as the margins offered are not sustainable for a trading company.