Gap Sites

Received a letter from Scottish Water saying that you need to appoint a licensed provider - what's going on?

If your non-household property is receiving services from Scottish Water, you need to pay for those services through a licensed provider like Aimera. Sometimes a property that is receiving services has not been registered correctly, and is consequently not being charged - this is called a 'gap site'.

When Scottish Water identify a gap site, they send out a letter like the one you have received.

From receipt of this letter, you have 15 business days to choose a licensed provider like Aimera - and make arrangements to become their customer. If you don't, a licensed provider will be randomly chosen for you.

If you already have a licensed supplier, you should get in touch with them and quote the reference number on the letter.

It's possible that the letter is about another service or part of your property that you're not currently paying for - your supplier can help clarify this.