External Leak

Scottish Water is responsible for the detection and repair of leaks and failures on their network. If you discover a leak on the public highway contact:

Scottish Water Emergency Helpline - 0845 600 8855

Internal Leak

If you discover a leak internally within you property, the pipework is owned by the customer.

If you need a plumber urgently please use the link below, enter your postcode you will then be provided with a list of accredited and registered plumbers in your area.

You can also contact the number below for additional assistance.

Scottish Water Customer Helpline - 0845 601 8855

*Both numbers are 24/7/365

Water Quality

Should you have concerns with the quality of your Drinking Water Supply, whether it is an unusual taste or appearance, these occurrences should be reported to Scottish Water directly.

Scottish Water Customer Helpline - 0845 601 8855

Scottish Water Emergency Helpline - 0845 600 8855

(Both Numbers are 24/7/365)


Understanding the quality of your water supply

The Drinking Quality Water Regulator for Scotland website offers up to date water reports for your local area as well as an abundance of additional information on drinking water quality.


Loss of Supply

Planned interruption to supply

It is sometimes necessary for water supply to be turned off for scheduled maintenance works. Notification will normally be given in these situations.

Unplanned interruption to supply

Should you experience a loss of supply that you have not received notification for, it is a good idea to check with neighbouring properties to establish if it is only your property affected. Once you have established the extent of the loss of supply, notify Scottish Water on 0845 601 8855 or visit their website, www.scottishwater.co.uk